Model: PRO3200
ürün kodu: PRO3200
Ürün Kategori: Kartli Geçis Sistemleri

Teknik Detay


  • Configurable via WIN-PAK SE 4.0 / PE 4.0 or higher access control software
  • At least 225 PRO3200 systems configurable in a WIN-PAK hosted system to meet the needs of large access control and security systems
  • Scalable architecture ensures optimal performance with a seamless upgrade path to accommodate future growth beyond its initial installation
  • Rack or tile mounting options available
  • Supervised communication and lithium battery backup ensures system reliability
  • Large, local controller database allows access control decisions to be made by controller in real time without the need to communicate to the server
  • Seamless support for TCP/IP protocols to allow intelligent controller(s) to tap into a LAN or WAN
  • True 32-bit microprocessor provides fast transaction processing for the most demanding network applications
  • Any combination of 16 I/O or reader modules may be connected to the PRO32IC RS485 ports at 38,400 bps. 1250m total bus length per port.
  • Accommodates a card database of 100,000 cards, and a transaction buffer of 50,000 transactions
  • Option to include or exclude fields during database configuration to maximise memory usage
  • Automatic calculation of leap-year and daylight savings



PRO3200 Access Control Hardware 
Part of the WIN-PAK® software controlled hardware family the PRO3200 professional modular access control hardware is an advanced access control panel capable of providing solutions where installation space is at a premium.

The PRO3200 system is connected to a host computer with WIN-PAK for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control. Using WIN-PAK SE 4.0 / PE 4.0 or higher, at least 255 PRO3200 systems can be connected to create large access control solutions.

The modular design of PRO3200 series panels provides:

  • The main controller to control up to 16 modules
  • Two Reader modules and I/O modules
  • Set up for up to 32 doors - one reader per door
  • Selection of enclosures for high density and remote installation
  • Available in easy to order kits