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FACP FlexES Control FX10 (10 loops)

Ürün Bilgileri

  • Marka : Honeywell
  • Model : FACP FlexES Control FX10 (10 loops)
  • Ürün Kodu : FACP FlexES Control FX10 (10 loops)
  • Kategori : Honeywell Esser Yangın Uyarı Sistemleri

  • Master/slave CPU by redundant control module
  • Combinable loop/spur technology with decentralized intelligence
  • Freely configurable functionality of modules
  • 4 free programmable potential free contacts and 1 output for alarm transmission unit (ATU)
  • Increased availability via emergency mode function of the loop modules
  • Emergency mode for monitored areas up to 48,000 m² or more than 512 fire detectors acc. to the German Planning standard VDE 0833 and/or VdS 2095.
  • USB, RS 485, TTY interfaces onboard
  • Direct output of the proprietary EDP communications protocol (Data Protocol) via interface RS 485
  • Operation of loop-powered alarm signaling devices (optical/acoustic/voice) in different alarm zones via esserbus-PLus
  • Cascadable power supply to 450 W according to EN 54-4
  • Loop length up to 3.5 km (esserbus)
  • Operation of different input/output gateways
  • Integrated interfaces for operation of required fire brigade periphery, e.g. fire brigade indicating panel, fire brigade operating unit
  • Event memory with 10,000 entries
  • Operation of VdS-approved wireless components with convenient field intensity measurement
  • Parameterization, calibration and programming directly via USB
  • Galvanic isolation of analog loops possible
  • Up to 1,000 control zones

In connection with display and operating unit (Part No. FX808324)

  • Display and operating unit with 5.7" TFT display
  • Capacitive keyboard for touch-sensitive operation
  • Program-controlled night design with interactive keyboard menu

Additional features for powered loop

  • BUS supplied, synchronously controlled, acoustic alarm signaling devices as per DIN EN 54 - 3 with alarm tone as per DIN 33404
  • Up to 48 powered loop base sounders (Series 9200) per loop
  • Up to 32 powered loop IQ8Alarm / IQ8Alarm Plus devices per loop
  • Up to 64 powered loop IQ8Alarm Plus So / FSo devices per loop
  • Up to 48 IQ8Quad with alarm device per loop